Celebrating International Women's Day with Denis Wick Young Artists


Get to Know the Women of the Denis Wick Young Ambassador Group in the UK


dwa_Georgia-Kirk01_2024_300X300Georgia Kirk

Why did you choose to play Tenor Horn? When I was very young, I took inspiration from my older brother and joined the same brass band as him. Originally, I played cornet, but much preferred the Tenor Horn sound. I moved from 3rd cornet to Solo Horn for a 4th section band when there was a vacancy. There are many female Tenor Horn players that I have admired since my playing career began.


Most inspirational female musicians: I was massively inspired by Helen Varley when I did my final NYBB course in 2021. Not only is Helen a world-class Tenor Horn player and someone I admire for her musical ability, she is so encouraging. I was not a confident player at the beginning of the week, but by the end I felt comfortable playing exposed/solo parts in band. This was a big step for me and for my growth. She also taught me the basics of conducting. I believe there should be more encouragement within the brass band movement for women to get into conducting.


dwa_Katie-Skey03_2024_300X300Katie Skey

Why did you choose to play Tenor Horn? It was a personal decision to start playing the cornet, one that was driven by a passion for music and a love for the unique sound and qualities the cornet has. I feel playing a brass instrument brings life long learning and a journey of growth. There are always new challenges, techniques and repertoire to explore for my personal and musical development as a musician. 


Most inspirational female musicians: 

In terms of female artists, I have been inspired by Mathilde Roh- the principal cornet of the Treize Etoiles brass band. I also am inspired by Helen Williams, flugel player of the Cory Band. 


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Enjoy this recent performance of the Wallace and Gromit theme music

performed by the Denis Wick Young Artist Group





dwa_alice_clarke_2024_300X300Alice Clarke: 
(Interview with Alice's mother)

Why did you choose a Brass Instrument? Alice played a brass instrument because we had a flier through the door from Whitworth Vale and Healey band (across the road!) offering lessons and an instrument for £1 a week to get them going so we went along. She said she wanted a tenor horn (I didn’t even know she knew what one was!) like the big boy at the music centre! 

Most inspirational female musicians: As far as the female artist is concerned her obvious choice as a horn player is Sheona White however she mentioned remembering wanting to be like Zoe Wright and Grace Jeffers who she followed through/ sat next to at Rochdale Youth band. She also really enjoyed working with  Sarah Ioannides at NYBB last summer. Her most influential though would have to be Andrea Price who she sees as a fantastic composer, teacher, conductor, performer and “all round unbelievable musician!”


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