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The polls are in - here are the Denis Wick Tips Community top picks for summer movies to motivate you!

If you're suffering from a lack of motivation to pick up your horn and practice technique this summer, we suggest popping some popcorn and watching one of these movies to give you the push you need to get back to the practice room!




Top Choices:

Brassed Off

Brassed Off

"My teacher was in it who also inspired me to want to become a music teacher"

"Classic real life feel brass band movie with heart!"

"As Brassband fanatic and current principal of my local band I always use this movie to remind me about the beautiful culture and history of brassbanding. Every time I watch this movie I get inspired again and again, and wanting to practice even more."

"I just love the struggle, how they overcame, and finally wailed!"

"...because it is such an emotional movie and it inspires me to keep getting back up and to


Star Wars Movie

Star Wars

"(the original - New Hope) - it was the soundtrack that first inspired me to pick up a trumpet and even now those first few notes STILL make me want to play a trumpet. Thank You Maurice! The difference now is that I can put in a Denis Wick MM mouthpiece and it makes me feel a little closer to that icon of the trumpet world. Loved working with Denis on the prototypes of those mouthpieces - getting tips straight from the very top."

"...because Maurice Murphy played lead trumpet."

"Star Wars Episode III. The music in that movie has always captivated me, especially the tracks Jum Nova used in his album "A Fall from Light to Dark". My studio played one of his arrangements last semester and ever since then I've associated star wars with practicing and I've loved every second of it."

"I suggest Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. The score John Williams composed for this episode is expansive. Each musical queue fits it’s respective scene allowing the film to have expansive battles and intimate meetings while keeping a continuous sonic profile. The grandeur of it all inspires me to one day be a part of a recording orchestra and hear myself at the movies."

" The brass section carries everything and just gives the rush. I've once played along to the movies."



"This might sound kind of typical but Whiplash is the first movie that comes to mind. It shows the struggle one may go through in order to belong in such a toxic environment. Even through sheer commitment the protagonist still struggled to hold his spot due to how competitive it was. One thing I picked up was to keep pushing, but not to rush or be sloppy."

"...makes me appreciate my music director more."

"This movie showed me that despite adversity we have to remain focused on our biggest goal, when everyone thinks we won't be able to achieve it."

" The theme of whiplash is the single-tracked dedication to pursuit of excellence and is inspired by a true story

"I like how at the end he becomes the core player after a lot of hard work and practice."



"The movie that gets me motivated to get up, keep working, following my goals, and play some music is Rocky. This classic film tells the story of Rocky Balboa, an underdog boxer who gets a shot at the heavyweight championship. The movie's iconic training montage set to the tune of "Gonna Fly Now" is incredibly inspiring and always gets me pumped up to tackle my own challenges. Watching Rocky overcome obstacles and push himself to be his best self reminds me that I can do the same. As a Tuba player, this could really benefit me because Tuba mutes are not the most affordable mutes on the marketplace."

"I suggest any of the creed or rocky movies because despite him being beaten down he always gets up and gets back to it and I can relate that a lot to music and how you should never give up and that resonated with me a lot."

"Nothing more inspiring than that to get me playing my horn."


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Notable Mentions

Back to the Future

"...because what's not to love about the mix of 50's and 80's music.  Plus...."If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything".

Harry Potter

La La Land

"Beautiful movie with some great music and a good message about following your dreams about becoming a professional musician."

"La la land always inspires me/reminds me to follow my musical dreams."


 " ...because the soundtrack and in particular the trumpet playing is awesome and so inspiring."

"The trumpet stuff is insane. I think it's Wayne Bergeron (yes!)?"

How to Train a Dragon

"The music from these movies speak so well with the images you see on screen that it makes me want to play and listen to the soundtrack all day long."

" The work John Powell did with that huge brass section is absolutely beautiful and stunning. It motivates me so much every time I watch it."

Lord of the Rings

"It's the long process to do what seems to be impossible."



...More Suggestions

A Bronx Tale

"...with Robert de Niro. It's a movie that I watched on my childhood and there is a moment that the soundtrack is "Salvador" by Donald Bird. This is very motivational for me and remind me old feelings when I was starting to play the trumpet."

Across the Universe

"A story of a lad looking for his father with a modern take on Beatles music."


Young Frankenstein


Young Frankenstein

"Always lifts my spirits as the horn solo that Igor plays cracks me up every time!"




Atlantis: The Lost Empire

"Phenomenal soundtrack, great animation and just an overall fun film to watch!"

August Rush

"I suggest August Rush because in this movie we see the main actor facing difficulties but he never gave up"

Back to the Future

Blues Brothers

"...because what's not to love about the mix of 50's and 80's music.  Plus...."If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."


Cabin in the Sky

"Probably an odd contribution but it is a vocalist singing, Ethel Waters, in Cabin in the Sky, 1943.  Specifically she sings "Taking a chance on Love.  Her interpretation of the music really helps me think about how to interpret pieces I play..i.e. phrasing, tempo, etc.  Take a listen: ."

Catch Me if You Can

"Catch Me if You Can" a true story based upon motivation and survival, something that we all need to have if as instrumental music-makers we are to survive.

Cinema Paradiso

Dirty Dozen

"...because it treats of a mission carried out without strictly orthodox means."


"It was one of the first movies that introduced me to the orchestra, and I love the music choices and whenever I am feeling unsure in my practice I'll watch it to remind me of why I love music in the first place."


"When times are hard and everything's getting you down, you can always dance your problems away! Bills to pay? Dance them away! Crippling debt? Dance on the letters of the debt collectors! Struggling professionally in you job? Dance your way to the top! When you dance you you can't be stopped!"

Goal! The Dream Begins

"Just a great story of a young soccer/football athlete that overcomes a great deal of adversity to achieve his dreams. He works so hard and sacrifices so much, it's just an incredibly inspiring film."



" Great things can happen anywhere when the right training and motivation is there."


sister act 2

Sister Act 2

"It reminds me why I practice, to be the best teacher I can be, and in turn imprint the love and passion for music like Whoopi Goldberg did for those kids."




Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

"It has some of the most brilliantly, challenging, brass licks in all of cinema."

Kingdom of Heaven

Mambo Kings


"It refreshes my mind and makes me feel motivated."

Pirates of the Caribbean

"This range of movies give me hope and strength to take on each day. To have the courage of Captain Jack Sparrow."

Prince of Egypt

"The soundtrack gives me a good sound concept when doubling on horn or trumpet, and the colors and themes are a good distraction."


"... because it's a move I grew up watching and my parents introduced it to me to show me moral values of being nice and I really cherish it because it's a move I always look at heading into rough times knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel."

Requiem of a Dream

"The way all the elements come together in this movie is very powerful. Any movie/art in general that is this powerful/inspiring as requiem for a dream always gets me to get up and work on myself!"

Shawshank Redemption

" I use this movie for motivation as even when Andy Dufrense ( the lead protagonist) is wrongly imprisoned at Shawshank Prison for the murder of his wife the her secret lover - he keeps the power of hope within him and influences the others around him - which in the end leads to his redemption. Due to keeping the power of hope Andy became free, it is important we always hope and stay motivated as good things will arise from it."


"I choose this movie since it has a such a profound story consisting of a family ongoing an alien invasion and the struggles between the dads faith as a follower of god."

Singing in the Rain

"...because its a comfort movie for me and just inspires me to work hard."

Sister Act 2

"It reminds me why I practice, to be the best teacher I can be, and in turn imprint the love and passion for music like Whoopi Goldberg did for those kids."


"I suggest the animated movie "Soul", not only because of the super cool trombone solo that appears on it, but also because it transmits amazing musical values and ethics from the kids to the old people!"

Star Trek

"...because of the trumpet solo."


"Great music great orchestra. It gives me motivation and power!"

The Dam Busters

The Glen Miller Story

"I have 2 favorites, "The Glenn Miller Story" and "The Benny Goodman Story".  Both have great actors and both have fantastic music that makes one want to immediately hit the practice room regardless of what instrument you play."

The Godfather

"The main theme, played by Jimmy Maxwell, is so beautiful. His playing is a model for how to play in a lyrical style."

The Pursuit of Happiness

"...because it is very inspiring and shows how you should never give up and take opportunities when they arise. He never gave up and went from being homeless to being a multimillionaire from dedication and hard work to protect him and his family."

The Red Line

"The red line! Hans Zimmer did another of his great works."

Tous Les Matins du Monde

"It is about a young Viola da gamba player who is very ambitious and hard working"


"The first twilight movie inspires me to get up and go practice so that I don't end up being a soulless and depressed person like Kristen Stewart is in that movie! Very motivational!"

Young Frankenstein

"Always lifts my spirits as the horn solo that Igor plays cracks me up every time!"




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