Daily Warmup for Advanced Trombone Players

advanced player

For trombonists who are technically assured and playing nearly everyday, I have devised a more rapid and efficient routine combining articulation and flexibility with range and coordination. You should nevertheless always try to start the day with some stretching, breathing and general 'well being’ exercises to prepare the body and of course, the mind for the artistic day ahead.

The final scale exercise in particular, provides players with a challenge to combine traditional harmonic and melodic note combinations with articulation training while extending the entire range and testing breath control.

Essentially the performance of music comprises an ever changing rhythmic and melodic pattern with almost infinite combinations. Ideally our limbering up routine should facilitate free and effortless operation of our chosen piece of equipment to achieve this.

It is my belief that the successful trombonist should strive to be able to encompass technical consistency and dexterity with musical understanding and versatility.


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