Daily Warmup for Developing Trombone Players

developing player

In my daily warm for the developing player, I have attempted to combine basic preparation for establishing good practice and creation of a reliable muscle memory with the advancement of specific technical fundamentals.


The first part covers physical preparation of body, mind and embouchure to enhance a relaxed but orderly routine, utilizing technical essentials. Focused mind, relaxed body, efficient breathing, lip and embouchure preparation and basic slurs to promote free airflow.


Acquiring a clear articulation and consistent tone throughout what I call the ‘bread and butter’ register (ie. 2 octaves from low E to high E), is vital while regular practice of comprehensive scale exercises expands the range both upwards and downwards and develops a harmonic and melodic freedom on the trombone.


The final few exercises focus on fundamental technique including extending control in the higher and lower register, even and consistent ‘crescendos’ and ‘diminuendos’ and of course, lip trills. Good luck !

Download Warmup

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