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Music is imaginary. It is created in our imagination. "If we want to have the greatest amount of success manifesting our imagination into reality, we need a strong connection to the physical world." Enter the mouthpiece. What you buzz is what you hear. "Buzzing is like singing for your lips." Continue the discussion in this video clinic title Buzzing - the Secret to Brass Playing Success with long time Denis Wick artist, Victor Haskins. Make sure to follow his YouTube page and access a huge library of performance and career advice for brass players.

When getting ready for a significant performance, it's common to divide your preparation into two categories: musical preparation and physical preparation. Incorporate these four principles of preparation from Denis Wick Artist Victor Haskins to ensure that your preparation is effective and promotes your overall well-being for your upcoming big performance.

Practicing Like an Athlete

Do you wish you accomplished more in your practice sessions? Do you struggle with having fatigued or beat-up chops? Do you even know what you should be doing to reach the next level? If you would like to learn some ideas borrowed from fitness that will help you with these questions, read on!

Denis Wick artist Victor Haskins keys in on some valuable advice on preparing and completing a successful audition for a jazz performance degree audition. Don't tune out if you are auditioning for a different performance degree program! Preparation and attention to detail is key to any audition, and Victor's wisdom in this area will certainly inspire you!


Heritage and HeavyTop Mouthpiece

The Heritage mouthpiece for 
Trumpet is Denis wick's newest installment to a  long list of amazing tone-producing  products for trumpet players. Both the HeavyTop and Heritage utilize additional mass to provide focus to the sound, but in much different ways.