Get to Know the Denis Wick Artist & Ambassador Group


The inspiration of our peers and those who have gone before us are so important to our future as musicians. Students need a sound concept and musicians to look up to, and current or aspiring professional musicians thrive in communities of peers where ideas, struggles, and experiences are shared.

The Denis Wick Artist and Ambassador Group would be honored for you to spend some time with our community! Enjoy our growing library of Get to Know interviews. Learn about the lives, musical inspirations, high points, and low points of each of our artist in this growing library of interviews. Click on the full playlist, or on an individual artist to view.


GTK DW Artist Group


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Individual Artists and Ambassadors



Aaron Janik, Trumpet          Jamie Hood, Cornet          Josh Rzepka, Trumpet          Kate Amrine, Trumpet    Jay Jennings, Trumpet  Byron Wallen, Trumpet          Tom Hutchinson, Cornet          Melvin Jones, Trumpet          Luis Martello, Trumpet   

French Horn

Emma Greegan, French Horn 


Tenor Horn and Baritone

Tim DeMaesseneer, Tenor Horn          Sheona Wade, Tenor Horn          Mike Cavanaugh, Baritone         Owen Farr, Tenor Horn



John Barber, Trombone          Josh Cirtina, Bass Trombone          Christopher Bill, Trombone          Evan Clifton, Trombone          Carl Lundgren, Trombone           Chris Houlding, Trombone          Matthew Hartnett, Trombone          Decker Babcock, Trombone
Ryan Christianson, Trombone      


Sebastian Rozo, Euphonium          Aurélie Cassin, Euphonium          Grant Jameson, Euphonium          John Caputo, Euphonium    Algirdas Matonis, Euphonium          Steven Mead, Euphonium          David Thornton, Euphonium         
Luciano DeLuca, Euphonium          Jannicke Ellingsen, Euphonium         



Andy Kershaw, Tuba          Aaron Tindall, Tuba          Dopey Monkey, Tuba & Euphonium          Stephen Wick, Tuba        
Felipe Martins, Tuba          Matt Routley, Tuba          Phil Green, Tuba





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