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Mary Galime

Mary Galime is the Director of US/Canada Marketing for Denis Wick Products. In her free time, Mary is a freelance trumpet player, teaches private lessons, and enjoys time with her family and gardening.

Music is imaginary. It is created in our imagination. "If we want to have the greatest amount of success manifesting our imagination into reality, we need a strong connection to the physical world." Enter the mouthpiece. What you buzz is what you hear. "Buzzing is like singing for your lips. Continue the discussion in this video clinic title Buzzing - the Secret to Brass Playing Success with long time Denis Wick artist, Victor Haskins. Make sure to follow his YouTube page and access a huge library of performance and career advice for brass players.


The inspiration of our peers and those who have gone before us are so important to our future as musicians. Students need a sound concept and musicians to look up to, and current or aspiring professional musicians thrive in communities of peers where ideas, struggles, and experiences are shared.

If you are a beginner musician, your job is easy. Just use our Mouthpiece Suggestions  to find an appropriate beginner mouthpiece. If you have advanced from beginner, you have a few more steps to choose the mouthpiece that supports you best.

Given the plethora of research and reports highlighting the importance of music education in achieving success across various subjects, it is only natural for you, as a parent, to want to motivate your child to persevere in this newfound skill they are acquiring. "But I never learned an instrument in school. I have no idea how they are making sounds or how to encourage them!" I'm here to tell you you know more tan you are giving yourself credit for. Here is what you know, and the tools you have to become your child's greatest inspiration.

Everybody wants a quick fix to their playing issue, but do they exist? The safe answer is no. You must work diligently every day to establish good playing habits and learn your music. But what if you are doing that and there are still issues? Here are some thoughts that might be the quick fix to your problem.

In the last 10 years the quantity of mute options has exploded in a way few brass accessories have. This makes a simple Amazon or online search a little more interesting than it used to! Your next step might have been to read a couple product descriptions, but that is where it gets really strange! "Where did all these mutes come from, and what does it all mean?" We can help. Use these product description red flags to separate out the quality from the imposters.

You have your aluminum straight with 3 different bottom options (brass, copper, and aluminum), your synthetic mute... why do you need a wooden mute? Like a painter with a palette of glorious colors, as brass players we need an arsenal of options that bring us glorious sound in all different colors. Enter the wooden mute.

While every gig has its challenges, the Sunday morning church gig has some unique surprises that you won't find anywhere else. First, the sanctuary where you will be seated is a big echo chamber where the smallest sound carries forever. Sanctuaries can be drafty, be too hot, too cold, have horrible site lines, and a host of other surprises. Pack these supplies to keep you prepared for every scenario at your next church gig.