3 Tips for Choosing your Brass Band Mouthpiece with Tom Hutchinson

Tom H


Tom Hutchinson, world renowned brass band cornetist, has had a love for cornet since his youth. Find out more about Tom's biography in this recent interview. Over the years of performances, wins, and losses, Tom has gained a lot of experience which he shared during a recent clinic at the the British Bandsman at Reading Town Hall before a concert performed by The Cory Band where Tom holds the principal Cornet position. Here are 3 tips he shared about finding the right mouthpiece for your needs.


1. Choose a mouthpiece size that suits your role within your band. If you play back row cornet then something deeper which allows more power and depth in the lower register would be suitable, whereas if you play solo cornet, then a slightly shallow mouthpiece, allowing for greater projection and range would be ideal. It's worth noting however that the mouthpiece isn't an instant fix for improving range and sound quality, but it certainly helps if chosen carefully!


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2. Stick to it! When changing mouthpieces we usually have a 'honeymoon' period, which is often followed by weeks of uncertainty as your muscles rebuild around your new sized mouthpiece. Give it at least 3/4 months to adapt to the new shape and size and I guarantee you'll feel the benefits. Try not to go back to your old mouthpiece, even just to 'see what it's like'!


Cornet3. I've always played DW mouthpieces for a number of reasons. In my opinion there isn't another mouthpiece on the market that can match the tonal qualities DW gives the player. If you're looking for that traditional, British brass band sound, a responsive and yet versatile mouthpiece, then the classic DW mouthpiece is the only choice.


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