Make a sound choice in 2023

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January is the perfect time to establish and reinforce some good habits, quit some old ones, reflect on all you've accomplished up to now, and examine what you would like to accomplish in the future. After all your reflections, what actions are you going to take?
How do you start a good habit for your musical performance? How do you quit an old one? How do you plan for your future? Though some of you reading this blog might be thinking, "This is a great question for my teacher...", ultimately the choice is yours. Our advice to you is to make a sound choice.

"...In other words... Don't make a poor choice?" No. Quite literally, Denis Wick Products wants you to focus on making a sound choice this year. If you are pursuing any type of performance on a brass instrument right now, you are doing so because at the very base level you love the sound you have the opportunity to make, and you are motivated because you are always hopeful to make better and better sounds.

“Make a sound choice” means that at the beginning of every decision you make in your music, lead with the sound you want to create. As you search for the product that you need for your performance, let your sound expectations lead. 
We are dedicated to making your art our craft in every brass accessory we make. In addition, this year Denis Wick Tips will be providing you with videos, articles, product demos, clinics and more to help ensure you make a sound choice in every new musical aspiration and adventure you have this  year.


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