Dialing in your baritone mouthpiece choice


There are multiple low brass instruments that can easily be played using a standard trombone mouthpiece. While trombone mouthpieces can be used for baritone, the issue that cannot be overlooked is the trombone mouthpiece was designed for the trombone, not the baritone. Learn about Denis Wick artist Steven Booth's journey to his current Denis Wick baritone mouthpiece.


Steven Booth 2"From the day I got my first cornet of my own I played Denis Wick mouthpieces. Back then of course it would be because that’s what I was told to use, and then as I moved to euphonium and then eventually to baritone I stayed with it because it worked for me. When I moved from euphonium to baritone I even had the Wick 4am euphonium mouthpiece cut down to fit the baritone and stayed with this for years, until the emergence of the Steven Mead Ultra. Why did I switch to Ultra? After seeking guidance from Bob and David Childs after one years’ Champion of Champions in NZ, I was looking for that little bit more projection whilst staying with the same basic size as the mouthpiece I was using, and wanted to finally play on a mouthpiece that was actually designed for the instrument, rather than a euphonium mouthpiece altered to fit.

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"I have always played Denis Wick mouthpieces – they work for me, largely have been designed to work with the make of instrument I play, and I have never had a need to try anything different.” Steven Booth



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Is your mute older than ours? Visit our Denis Wick Artist Group Oldest Mute Gallery to view our collection and submit an image of your own mute, or story of your favorite dent, to be added to our gallery.




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