Music is imaginary. It is created in our imagination. "If we want to have the greatest amount of success manifesting our imagination into reality, we need a strong connection to the physical world." Enter the mouthpiece. What you buzz is what you hear. "Buzzing is like singing for your lips." Continue the discussion in this video clinic title Buzzing - the Secret to Brass Playing Success with long time Denis Wick artist, Victor Haskins. Make sure to follow his YouTube page and access a huge library of performance and career advice for brass players.

When finding a new mouthpiece, our advice at Denis Wick is to always let your best sound lead your choice. Denis Wick artist Christopher Bill follows this advice, but it is not fool proof! Learn about his journey to the product he currently uses in this recent interview.


A great band director is the start to a great music education. However every great band director knows a great private teacher will lead their students to the next level. These private teachers are carefully chosen by band directors because they can mold the future success of each of their students and encourage the growth of their band programs. 


So what is a band director looking for in a great private teacher?

In his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld says of performing: “I don’t accept the judging of process. It doesn’t matter [how you prepare]. We’re all trying to get to the same island. Whether you, swim, fly, surf, or skydive in, it doesn’t matter. What matters is when the red light comes on.”

We followed up with Band Director Justin Antos, Director of Bands at Dwight Eisenhower High School, after he switched his full marching band section from their stock mouthpieces to Denis Wick Mouthpieces. Learn about the struggles that lead up to this switch, and what differences they experienced when the whole brass section was playing on new mouthpeices in this interview with Justin.


"Is a trumpet or trombone mute more than it's shape?" Logically the answer is yes. However in the manufacturing world, it is a bit more of a gray area. Low-priced student mutes have become as numerous as flavors of ice cream these days. So how do you define quality? How do you differentiate between mute functioned and mute shaped?